June 18, 2022 ARF Meeting Notice

June 18, 2022    9 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Join us at JJ's to talk about politics 
$5 Coffee, Tea, Donuts, Bagels

Guest Speaker
Jaylen Mosqueira
House District 38

Jaylen Mosqueira is a proud native of Arapahoe County. He grew up in this community shaped by a strong family, strong values and a strong circle of educators, coaches and neighbors.  He is driven to give back to the community which gave him so much.

Jaylen is the Republican candidate for House District 38. It is his goal is to get Colorado back on track. He will fight to empower our parents and students, repair our broken economy and protect our neighborhoods.

In addition, he is the new field director for the Arapahoe County Republican Party. Jaylen has worked as a field director for several statewide and congressional campaigns, running field operations for numerous ballot initiatives, and consulting for candidates at different levels.
He has spent the last three years working as an aide for several state Representatives and Senators.

Jaylen is an excellent example of the young Republicans who are stepping up to fight for leadership positions. Come and meet with him.

JJ's Place
2340 S. Chambers Rd
Aurora, CO 80014

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Individual: $15.00
Family: $20.00

What's Happening In Aurora

Join us at JJ's to talk about it.

$5 Coffee, Tea, Donuts, Bagels

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